Disaster: Shortage Of Exotic Dancers Plagues Super Bowl In Dallas

  • Dan Fogarty

According to at least one strip club owner in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there is a dangerously low supply of exotic dancers for Super Bowl XLV.

John Walsh, the proprietor of the Showtime Cabaret (you know, right next to the West Mansfield Highway), has put out the strip club equivalent of the bat signal. Because of the influx of businessmen, fans, and, not least of all, athletes (officials expect 300,000 tourists total) the Dallas area’s cabarets need to be well-stocked, something that Walsh says just isn’t the case right now.

Showtime currently employs 50 dancers, but Walsh is looking for an additional 100-120 ladies. Being an enterprising businessman, he’s put out an all points bulletin for prospective employees, sending out fliers advertising a “safe, clean” way to make money and work at his establishment.

Besides being an aggressive marketer, Walsh is also a mathematician, apparently. According to his calculations, the 60 or so clubs littered throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area are short a total of 10,000 exotic dancers. It remains to be seen if some sort of mass stripper exodus to Dallas will occur.

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