Mike Ditka Suffered A Stroke On Friday

  • Dan Fogarty

Mike Ditka, the hall-of-fame tight end, Super Bowl-winning coach, and current ESPN purveyor of Western Pennsylvanian wisdomstuff suffered a minor stroke on Friday while playing cards at his Chicago country club. He’s fine now, but still: scary times for the subject of the best sports-related SNL skit ever.

During a card game on Friday, Ditka noticed his hands were shaking and he was having trouble speaking. He told the Chicago Tribune later that evening that the stroke was “no big deal,” and based on his speedy recovery, it looks like his optimism was well-founded: By Sunday, he was out of the hospital and watching football, and this morning, he did his weekly spot on Mike and Mike.

“I was kind of like driving down the highway of life real fast and I had a flat tire,” Ditka said Monday. “It opens your eyes.”

And yes, that’s a really Ditka thing to say after you’ve had a stroke. Glad he’s okay.

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