Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Doing “Call Me Maybe” Might Make You Less Sick Of “Call Me Maybe” Parody Videos

  • Glenn Davis

Yes, the internet is overrun with “Call Me Maybe” parody videos, probably even more so than it was originally overrun with the song itself. Perhaps you’re so tired of the “Call Me Maybe” parody video phenomenon that no new “Call Me Maybe” parody video of any type will get you to watch, not even the Obama one (which, as “Call Me Maybe” parody videos go, was pretty spectacular).

If you’re one of those people – we don’t blame you at all. Hey, we’re on the internet all day too. We know the feeling. But we also have a feeling that you, SportsGrid reader whom we hold so, so dear, may find reason to look past the “Call Me Maybe” fatigue and find a way to appreciate the video below. It’s a “Call Me Maybe” parody, yes… but with Miami Dolphins cheerleaders. It’s very Miami. Very beachy. Very… cheerleader-y. You can check it out for yourself below. And even though it will leave “Call Me Maybe” stuck in your head for a week, just like every other time you’ve heard “Call Me Maybe,” you might even be glad you did.

[h/t @WorldofIsaac via Busted Coverage]