Dolphins’ Owner Steve Ross: Incognito-Martin ‘Appalling’, ‘Nightmare’; Will Meet Martin Wednesday

  • Rick Chandler

Miami Dolphins owner Steve Ross just finished a press conference in which he addressed the Jonathan Martin situation and promising that “changes will be made.” Why he did this just as few hours before his team was to play a Monday Night Football game is a mystery, but there you have it.

But after saying all the right things about how he wanted the Dolphins to have the best workplace in the NFL, and how he was “appalled” over the “nightmare” of the Richie Incognito allegations, Ross also said that he didn’t want to “overreact”, that the organization was still gathering all the facts, and that Incognito was still on the team. So he’s not exactly attacking the problem like Gen. Patton.

Also, Don Shula and Dan Marino are somehow now involved.

The Sun-Sentinel:

“I apologize to the fans for being in this position, but I know we’ll be better coming out of this,” Ross said.

Also, Ross will be meeting Martin on Tuesday, the owner said. He admitted that no one in the organization has talked to him since he left, aside from Ross and Martin texting back and forth a few times.

Ross said that the Dolphins will make changes to their operation and install a “code of conduct that suits the 21st century.” The team will do that with the help of a new five-man committee for internal evaluation, a group that will consist of Tony Dungy, Don Shula, Dan Marino, Jason Taylor and Curtis Martin.

“You know the world today is changing, and we all have to adapt to change,” Ross said.

Ross added he will “probably” meet with Incognito and said he wants to “hear all the facts” before making any decisions on the veteran guard’s future.

Sounds so far like the typical corporate approach to a toxic situation: establish plausible deniability to make sure no one gets sued, and look like you’re on top of the situation for PR purposes. If the Dolphins really cared about Jonathan Martin, they would have acted long before this.