Miami Dolphins Sign An Accountant From Utah To Be Their Tight End

  • Eric Goldschein

Les Brown isn’t just any accountant. He’s a Mormon accountant who hasn’t played football since high school (though he did play some basketball at NAIA Westminster College in Utah). Doesn’t sound like NFL material, huh? He’s also 6’4, can run a 4.43 second 40-yard-dash (on a sprained ankle) and has a ’39 inch vertical leap. So, in the (probable) words of the Dolphins brass: why the hell not?

Brown’s got a pretty wacky story. After leaving Westminster for a finance job in West Palm Beach, he returned to Utah to finish his degree. While working out with his younger brother, a tackle at BYU, Brown met his future trainer Chad Ikei, who convinced him to pursue playing football professionally.

Here’s Brown’s workout video at BYU’s pro day a few weeks ago. Looks like his work with Ikei has paid off, as this looks like no accountant I’ve ever seen. Apologies for the horrendous music — it thankfully cuts out near the two minute mark (via Business Insider):

His 40-time and leap are comparable to that of Robert Griffin III. He looks like he can run routes. And he’s probably some kind of genius compared to most NFL players, considering his academic background. And so, Brown will return to Florida as a member of the Dolphins, having signed a three year deal.

This has been a summer of wacky tight end news. The Jets signed a former Australian rugby player. Rob Gronkowski has Gronk’d his way all over the world this off-season. And now the Dolphins are either already throwing in the towel on their season, or have found a diamond in the finance rough. Either way: weird.

Photo via Steve Griffin/The Salt Lake Tribune