“He Wants To be An A–hole, Let Him Be An A–hole:” Dominic Raiola And Titus Young Are Not Best Friends

  • Dylan Murphy

Two weeks ago against the Green Bay Packers, Detroit Lions wide receiver Titus Young sabotaged his own team by intentionally lining up in the wrong spot on the field and getting in a shouting match with his wide receivers coach. Last week, Young was deactivated for the game on Thanksgiving against the Houston Texans.

As we chronicled, Young has a history of just generally being an asshole, mostly because he seems to be an asshole. Dominic Raiola, Detroit Lions’ center, is one player who has already mouthed off at the talented but psychotic receiver. Turns out Raiola wasn’t finished.

After this latest turn for the worst, with even player-friendly coach Jim Schwartz admitting that Young is on his last legs, Raiola has finally had enough. So what does a fed up Dominic Raiola do? He speaks the truth. Namely, calling Titus Young an asshole three times.

Via the Chris McCosky of the Detroit News:

Young, for his part, is not backing down from his petulance.

No wonder the Lions are 4-7.