Donald Trump’s Hair Almost Flew Off His Head At The Jets-Pats Game (Video)

  • Glenn Davis

You’ve got to say this for Donald Trump – the guy gets people talking. And perhaps no aspect of The Donald stokes more conversation (certainly, nothing about him inspires more derision) than his hair.

For years, people all over have tried to figure out exactly what was going on up there, and while Trump himself tried to clear up some of the mystery when he told our friends at Styleite that his mane is 100% natural, his bizarre coif retains a mythical quality…which, after one incident caught on camera during the broadcast of last night’s Jets-Patriots game, will only grow.

Trump was sitting in the New England owner’s box with Pats owner Robert Kraft and former linebacker Tedy Bruschi (who was honored by the team last night), among others. Then, apparently, a breeze came through…sending Trump’s hair on a magical journey. You can see it happen in the video above, and here’s a photo preserving the moment as well:

Our hypothesis: Trump’s hair is not only sentient, but a Jets fan. Since the Patriots humiliated Gang Green 45-3 last night, we wouldn’t blame the hair for attempting to make an escape.

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