ESPN Analyst On Bernard Hopkins’ “Blackness” Comments: “I Want To See His Brains Get Beat In”

  • Glenn Davis

Yesterday, we talked about some harsh (and flat-out odd) criticism boxer Bernard Hopkins had for NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb, essentially saying McNabb wasn’t “black” enough for his taste. (If you had flashbacks to this, you weren’t alone.) We went over yesterday why Hopkins’ claims were baseless at best and insane at worst, and today on ESPN’s First Take, basketball analyst Stephen Bardo stepped up with his own criticism of Hopkins, and he wasn’t holding back.

“What gives Bernard Hopkins the right to define blackness?” asked a clearly peeved Bardo, adding that he used to respect Hopkins before he ripped McNabb, whom Bardo called “nothing but a stellar citizen,” for no good reason. The Phoenix Suns’ Jared Dudley agreed, disputing the idea that “blackness” is something possessed in varying degrees and calling Hopkins’ comments “just plain ignorant.”

Skip Bayless (wisely) “deferred” to Dudley and Bardo for the most part, but did wonder why exactly it would be a bad thing that McNabb was the product of a healthy upbringing, before Bardo took things to another level:

“It’s just way out of bounds…I was a huge [Hopkins] fan – now I want to see his brains get beat in for that statement right there. That ticked me off. I’d have some other things to say, but we’re owned by Disney.”

Wow. That’s as fired up as we’ve seen anyone on First Take in a while, and since we’d imagine the “brains get beat in” comment was a reference to Hopkins’ upcoming fight, we can say with a reasonably clear conscience that we rather enjoyed it. Video of the segment below.