Adorable And Extremely Embarrassing: Donovan McNabb’s Mom Writes Song Dedicated To Her Baby Boy

  • Dylan Murphy

Once upon a time, Mama McNabb was the NFL’s favorite mom, handing out hearty Campell’s Chunky Soup left and right. But those days are long gone, Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid atop the NFL. These days McNabb offers his take on football for the NFL Network, and Reid’s the butt of self-congratulating fat jokes.

Mama McNabb, meanwhile, has quietly faded off into the sunset, Campbell’s Chunky Soup glory in hand. (Okay fine, that wasn’t really her. I know, right? I feel cheated too.) But in the interim she’s had time to reflect on a career’s worth of memories – the Donovan McNabb years – and watch from a distance. But what she’s seen instead is the career of a once-prominent quarterback flail from team to team, all the while battling Mike Shanahan in a chorus of he-said-she-said.

Though Mama McNabb is a character in her own right, the real Mama McNabb, Wilma McNabb, is Donovan McNabb’s mama. And that’s her number one role, to support her son. If that means professionally producing a song called “When Your Heart Is On The Field” featuring Tené Williams, so be it.

Kyle Scott generously penned the lyrics to paper over at Crossing Broad, though Mama McNabb’s production crew animated the words with some nifty graphic design for your visual convenience/stimulation. And while this entire exercise is sweet and cute and nice, we’re not really sure how we got here.

But Donovan McNabb, for his part, is proud.

His Twitter followers, well they’re singing a different refrain:

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