Dwayne Bowe Suspended One Game, Which Means The Chiefs Can Now Cut Him Easily

  • Eric Goldschein

dwayne bowe

The NFL’s “hammer,” previously used to bop Ray Rice lightly on the noggin and send him on his way, came down on Dwayne Bowe today, suspending him one game for to his marijuana-related arrest last year:

Bowe had a decent amount of pot (I wrote “awful lot” in that post, but have since been informed that half an ounce is “NOT a lot of marijuana at all,” so, okay) in his car when he was pulled over for speeding in Riverside, Missouri, so it’s almost surprising Bowe only got one game. According to the NFL, a first-time offense for smoking weed and speeding is exactly 50 percent as bad as punching out a lady. Good to know.

But this suspension could portend more bad news for Bowe, who is coming off his worst statistical season since 2009 (his total receptions, yards, average yardage and longest gain were all down from 2012) and reportedly “hasn’t had a great camp.” This one game suspension puts the rest of Bowe’s contract in Jeopardy:

If the Chiefs were feeling buyer’s remorse after awarding Bowe a five-year contract extension in 2013, they’ve been given a golden ticket to get out of it. And that’s how 16 grams of weed can end up costing over $10 million.

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