Dwayne Harris Spent His Offseason Chasing Animals To Lose Weight

  • Ricky Boebel

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dwayne Harris’ training camp weight is down nine pounds from what it was last year.

So what changed in his routine? Working with a cutting edge personal trainer? Back rubs from Tony Romo? More deer antler spray? None of the above — he was chasing animals around.

With hundreds of modern training options available to him, Harris chose to adopt the oldest one known to man — hunting. Here’s how he described his routine:

“I’d just go out, man, and look for stuff to run after,” Harris said. “All kinds of stuff. Rabbits. Cats. Everything. Especially when I was back at home with my mom [in Stone Mountain, Ga.]. We live in the woods, so there was a lot of stuff running out there.”

His pets aren’t exempt from the treatment either. Harris’ pit bull, Polo, was routinely chased.

“I’d chase after him because he doesn’t want to come home. He’s not as quick as he used to be, but he’s pretty fast.”

Polo might not want to come home because he lives in constant fear of an NFL wide receiver chasing him down at any moment.

This training technique isn’t a first for football players. High school players in a region of Florida have been doing it for years. They primarily stalk rabbits and Santonio Holmes is one of their most famous products. Here’s an ESPN segment on the region: