Even The Helmets Couldn’t Avoid Screwing Up In Eagles-Bengals Last Night

  • Glenn Davis

We mentioned this in the morning roundup before, but it’s worth repeating: last night’s Bengals-Eagles game was ugly. The two teams combined for less than 500 net yards of offense, seven turnovers and 20 penalties. Both teams’ quarterbacks completed fewer than 50 percent of their passes. The Bengals won by three touchdowns and the main takeaway was that they didn’t look good enough to be a playoff team. Mostly, it was the kind of game you’re glad to see end.

And the miscues weren’t limited to players: the equipment they were wearing was mistake-prone too. Specifically, at one point in the second quarter, the Eagles’ Brandon Graham and Bengals’ Andre Smith got tangled up. Graham and Smith were able to separate themselves. Their helmets, on the other hand…

Well, it’s official – no one or thing involved in this game could do a damn thing right. Would you like to see the struggle to untangle the helmets in gif form as well? Of course you would:

Some moments were meant to be gif’d (and Yakety Sax’d). And some games were made to be forgotten.