The Philadelphia Eagles Have Fired Another Person Not Named Andy Reid

  • Dylan Murphy

First it was offensive-line-coach-turned-defensive-coordinator Juan Castillo to receive the axe in a rather disappointing 3-7 season for the once “Dream Team” Philadelphia Eagles. How disappointing, you ask?

This disappointing.

Even though that firing was completely unjustified, it followed the time-honored “Everyone in sight is fired until the franchise turns the gun on the head coach” blueprint. So, despite our most stringent objections, no surprises there. But now it appears that stage three of the firings has been reached, and this time it’s not a member of the coaching staff.

Via the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“The Eagles continued their front office house cleaning and fired Tim McDermott, their Chief Marketing Officer on Monday, according to a source close to the situation.”


‘The Eagles and I have parted on amicable terms,’ McDermott said in a statement released by the Eagles. ‘I have nothing but good things to say about the Eagles and the people I worked with, and wish the team the best as I pursue some exciting opportunities.’

McDermott is just the latest Eagles executive to leave the team. Director of Communications Rob Zieger was fired last week. Team president Joe Banner stepped down in June and was an advisor to owner Jeffrey Lurie before he became CEO of the Cleveland Browns last month.”

Okay fine, these firings are completely unrelated, and the Chief Marketing Officer has exactly zero to do with the on-field operations of a football team. Though there might be some tangential connection to Lurie cleaning house in the greater scheme of things, wiping the slate clean of this band of losers to star anew. But even that’s a reach.

Still: we will be tracking every Philadelphia Eagles’ firing until the right guy (note: Andy Reid) is finally shown the door because watching other people get blamed is a pastime of ours.

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