Two Philadelphia Eagles Reporters Came To Blows Because They Said Mean Things On Twitter

  • Glenn Davis

Normally, we’re not much for media fights. Sure, maybe they’re good for a little guilty-pleasure entertainment here and there, but by and large, we’d rather see these people produce interesting information and writing than taking shots at each other on Twitter. So when the Philadelphia-centric blog Crossing Broad documented a Twitter fight yesterday between two Eagles reportersLes Bowen, who covers the team for the Philadelphia Daily News, and Jeff McLane, who mans the beat for the Philadelphia Inquirer, we pretty much thought, “Ugh, more of this crap.” The genesis of the whole thing – Michael Vick’s availability for Sunday’s game – seemed ridiculous. We’d already had enough. Then, one day later, Crossing Broad produced this headline:

Les Bowen Punched Jeff McLane Today

And now we love it.

Yes, there was an actual fistfight (although according to Crossing Broad’s Kyle Scott, Bowen was the only one to actually throw a punch). We didn’t even believe it ourselves at first – CBS’ Mike Freeman tweeted this, and we thought, “Oh, no way. He must have heard something about the Twitter fight and misinterpreted.” But no…Freeman heard right. Punches were thrown, and it all started with Michael Vick’s hand injury. We’re just amazed. And if you’re having similar problems believng this is real, here, apparently, is the Eagles’ Asante Samuel (heard in the background) trying to goad the reporters into fighting more (again, via Crossing Broad):

Now seems like a good time to point out the Inquirer and Daily News are owned by the same company. And if even Philly reporters are this irritable, we probably need to take back what we said about Philadelphia fans getting a bum rap. And even if this incident really only consisted of one punch before it got broken up, we’re thinking Bowen’s own hopes that everyone forgets about this quickly may be in vain:

@philphanphollow Just kinda hoping this goes away soon…


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