Video: ESPN’s Ed Werder Hits A Guy With A Shovel To Demonstrate The Effectiveness Of Tony Romo’s Vest

  • Glenn Davis

Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo will wear a Kevlar vest tonight against the Redskins to protect the cracked rib he sustained in his team’s win over the 49ers last week, and you might be wondering: just how well will the vest work? In advance of tonight’s game, ESPN’s Ed Werder tried to find out, and Rob Vito – the CEO of Unequal Technologies, the company that manufactured the vest – was all too happy to help.

Vito put his ribs where his mouth was, and while wearing his company’s vest, had Werder hit him in the chest with a shovel. He even urged Werder (perhaps understandably hesitant) to hit him harder, and it looked like Werder did get a couple decent cracks in. And either Vito’s one hell of an actor or he didn’t take a beating from those hits at all, so…win for him, we guess. But since all of his hits were met with either “You gotta do better than that, Ed,” or “You’re embarrassing me,” we’re not sure we can say the same for Werder.