Eli Manning Contemplates Hurricane Sandy In His Sweatpants

  • Dan Fogarty

Hoboken, New Jersey is a city across the Hudson from Manhattan, made up mostly of just-out-of-college kids and young professionals. And Eli Manning.

Like many a sweatpants’d bro dad, the two-time Super Bowl MVP ventured down from the apartment he shares with his wife and toddler to protect the homefront, assess the damage, and take some photos of Sandy’s aftermath. But because he is Eli Manning, the sight of his flooded lobby, much like the sight of a fourth quarter pass rush, didn’t elicit too much of a reaction. Ice water runs through his veins, even during a Frankenstorm.

According to reports, Eli, wife Abby, and daughter Ava are fine, although their apartment was flooded. Hoboken itself is in bad shape: here’s some photos that give you an idea of how dire the situation is, and at least a few thousand residents are still stranded. The National Guard is reportedly on its way to rescue people.

Much luck to those still stuck out there.