Eli Manning Gets Revenge For Tormented Little Brothers Everywhere On SNL

  • Glenn Davis

Eli Manning is, of course, a younger brother. (In fact, he has two older brothers, but you don’t hear much about poor Cooper.) And being a younger brother, he knows all about getting picked on by older brothers – seriously, we’re not just saying that. So we guess it was only natural that Eli’s Saturday Night Live hosting debut featured him getting some payback, in the name of charity:

An amusing idea; our only problem was: Eli just isn’t intimidating enough to be believable as a terrorizing figure, even for kids. (Witness the rest of this SNL episode; it’s playing up Eli’s natural goofiness for all it’s worth.) Still, Eli’s always going to be Peyton’s little brother in the eyes of most people no matter how many Super Bowls he wins, so making some reference to that on the show was probably necessary. We just can’t bring ourselves to picture Eli as anything other than the tormentee. But hey, his charity work might be more noble than Peyton’s.