And After Eric Foster Snapped His Leg, He Pounded His Chest Defiantly

  • Dan Fogarty

After Indianapolis lineman Eric Foster snapped his leg in a gruesome injury during Monday night’s Colts-Bucs game, he pounded his chest and said “Let’s go!” It was a powerful moment, because Foster was no doubt in a ton of pain right then.

That pain was both physical and emotional. First, his leg literally snapped after it got trapped underneath a fellow lineman. That’s the physical part. Then, there’s the fact that you don’t need to look at an MRI to know that his seriously dislocated right ankle means his season is over. That’s a lot of time in the gym, a lot of time studying film, and a lot of time doing drills, all gone.

Even still, Foster, close to tears, encouraged his fellow players (from both sides) to get back to business. If you’ve ever suffered a major injury playing sports, it’s inspiring to watch. Video here.

Video via Tim Burke.