ESPN Speaks With Donte Stallworth About The Day He And His Lady Friend Caught On Fire In A Hot Air Balloon

  • Jake O'Donnell

You figure getting annihilated by armor-clad physical specimens for 10 years would be the most painful thing you’d ever experience. For NFL wideout Dante Stallworth, not so much. Football pain didn’t come close to the experience of being electricuted/bursting into flames/falling out of the sky. “Imagine the hardest hit you’ve ever taken, and multiply that by 1,000.” Coming from you Dante, that’s unimaginable. Why aren’t more people talking about his recovery? Sure Adrian Peterson shredded the inter-workings of his knee and went on to nearly break all-time single season rushing record, but Dante Stallworth can put together a thought after being fried 60ft in the air. If he finds himself on an NFL field this season, he has my vote for immaculate recovery of the season.