ESPN, Fox Sports May Be Gearing Up For Bidding War On Tim Tebow

  • Rick Chandler

According to a recent survey, Tim Tebow is the most influential athlete in the U.S. Pretty odd, considering he doesn’t currently have a job. As rumors swirl over his next destination, the question is: what will Tebow do if no football team comes calling?

Possibility 1: Bigfoot hunter.

Possibility 2: TV analyst.

As far as the latter, we may have a bidding war coming up if Tebow decides to go that route. Earlier today our own Matt Rudnitsky wrote about Fox Sports Live preparing to move in on ESPN SportsCenter, like every episode of Bonanza you’ve seen in which the second-biggest rancher in Nevada decides the Cartwrights just have too much land. As an offshoot of that, we could have a good old-fashioned bidding war brewing between Fox Sports and ESPN over the services of Mr. Tebow as a college football analyst. New York Daily News:

There is no bigger name on the current Fox Sports roster, no bigger new name it could bring to FS1, than Tim Tebow. Fox’s college football studio show now consists of Erin Andrews, Eddie George and Joey Harrington. Throw Tebow into the mix and the buzz becomes huge, the sizzle electric. Tebow’s loyal flock of eyeballs would follow him, significantly increasing the ratings of a show rarely discussed.

The ESPN faculty is aware Tebow could be in play. Word is they believe he will be playing football somewhere this season. If that’s not the case they ain’t letting Tebow waltz to Fox, or any other outlets (like NBC Sports Network or CBS Sports Network), without pursuing him, big-time.

What has not been considered: having Tebow and Skip Bayless as analysts on the same network could be the Saint vs. Antichrist scenario which could rip a hole in the very fabric of space and time. I would not chance tampering with those forces.

ESPN going into the Tebow business makes sense, since that’s where they already are. If Tebow gets signed by an NFL team at the same hour that Martians descend and blow up Texas Stadium, I have no doubt that ESPN would lead with Tebow.

But Tebow is the “get” that would make Fox Sports 1 an instant threat to the ESPN Mothership. But if Tim is smart, he’ll steer clear. He could make just as much if not more money traveling the world on the lecture circuit. He’d be the Rolling Stones of public speakers — and not just at churches, but everywhere. Only unlike the Stones, there would be no contract demands for Centrum Silver and Viactive.

His schedule would be his own, meaning that he could stay in shape and work out for an NFL team at a moment’s notice. But if a team doesn’t come calling, at least he’s out in the world inspiring people, trying to do good. And he can sell t-shirts. Entire Tebow souvenir communities could spring up around stadiums where he speaks.

Yes, Tim Tebow could save the economy. You’re welcome, Obama.