ESPN’s Top 10 Stories Of 2012 Involve Sex, Death, Tebow And…Rick Reilly?

  • Dylan Murphy

ESPN came out with their top 10 posts of 2012 (traffic-wise) today and in a shocking turn of events, users enjoy sex at the Olympics, the deaths of Jovan Belcher and Junior Seau, Tim Tebow – mostly separately – and…Rick Reilly?

Okay fine, Reilly wrote about Tebow, which probably explains things. (His Twitter handle is @RickReilly, by the way. He wants you to know that.). Anyway, here’s the list in full:

10. #NBArank: LeBron James No. 1
9. NFL unveils new uniforms for 32 teams
8. NFL hammers Saints for bounties
7. Junior Seau dies at 43
6. Reilly: The Inspiration of Tim Tebow
5. Alipour: Sex in the Olympic village
4. NCAA levels sanctions on Penn State
3. Howard to Lakers deal complete
2. Chiefs Belcher kills girlfriend, self
1. QB Peyton Manning chooses Broncos

The list, as you can see, pretty much hits every sports-traffic buzz word there is. As it turns out, SportsGrid users aren’t too dissimilar from the faithful. Though you, our reader, seem to have a greater obsession with sex.