ESPN’s Fantasy Projections For The Giants/Broncos Game Are Laughable

  • Jake O'Donnell

ESPN is weird. This week, it appears as if they’re bitter about not having the much anticipated Manning Bowl — or simply don’t think much of the quarterbacks who scored a combined 74 points week 1. All and all, the worldwide leader has the top two fantasy producers from the Giants dropping off a combined 32 points, while the Broncos top four dropping off 77 points (ya, a weird week for a comparison, but come on). Accordingly, we’ve decided to call them out on this lack of love, and put our reputation on the line as the website with all the Paulina Gretzky pictures best fantasy sports site in town. Here we go…

(Values are based on standard ESPN scoring)

Peyton Manning:

ESPN has him going for less against the Giants’ secondary, than they do for Andrew Luck against the Dolphins. Shaaa, right. No way he goes for less than 20 with an extra long week, intimate knowledge of his brother’s team, and his breakneck pace to have the best offensive season in NFL/Fantasy/human history. The game will be a shootout, and he’ll have another big day. Not that hard, guys.
ESPN Projection: 17
SportsGrid Projection: 25

Which brings us to…

Eli Manning:

Someone over in Bristol thinks 2 TDs and 200-yards passing is the most likely outcome for Eli, in what will easily be the most obvious “measuring stick” game the Giants get all season. Factor in a little sibling rivalry, a big week last week (28 points), and the Giants’ desperate need to get in the win column, and you’ve got yourself a top five fantasy performance.
ESPN Projection: 13
SportsGrid Projection: 24

I wonder if they do their projections based on the worst case scenario, sometimes. Or just take the average of Matthew Berry and a chimpanzee with a calculator.

Hakeem Nicks:

This is just silly. He showed that his knees aren’t an issue against the Cowboys, and had it not been for Victor Cruz grabbing an insane 3 TDs (for the 2nd time in his career), we’re pretty sure Nicks would have caught one. Once again, ESPN must be spiteful that Fox has this game, because they’re underselling just how exciting this game is going to be.
ESPN Projection: 8
Sportsgrid Projection: 14

Then there’s this guy…

David Wilson:

I mean, he could have a bounce back week, but that’s not exactly the most likely scenario, given the addition of Brandon Jacobs — who should get the bulk of the goal line carries.
ESPN Projection: 12
SportsGrid Projection: 7

Why are they so convinced this will be a ground-and-pound game? Do they know something about the weather that we don’t? Did ESPN lose one of it’s cameras in the wind at the Meadowlands once, and is forever convinced you cannot throw a football there?

Knowshon Moreno:

Though the logic is right for assuming Moreno — who can pass block better than his young competition — will start at RB, assuming he’ll be tied for the 6th best fantasy day of any back, is, well, bold. Ball and Hillman will get more opportunities when the Broncos realize the Giants haven’t had a pass rush since 2011, so blocking won’t be as important as having another dynamic weapon on the field. Plus, this game will be all passing.
ESPN Projection: 12
SportsGrid Projection: 5 (like he had last week)

Here are some other head scratchers from the good folks over at Disney…


After Colin Kaepernick torched Green Bay’s D for 30 fantasy points week 1, a similarly mobile, accurate Robert Griffin should put up pretty decent numbers against them. What the hell is with this projection?
ESPN Projection: 13
SportsGrid Projection: 19

Notice that ESPN considers fantasy football match ups “home” and “away”. That’s right. They even record your “road record”, as if that means a damn thing. (And we thought we took this stuff too seriously.)

Golden Tate:

With Sidney Rice out until mid-season, the top dawg receiver spot is up in the air in Seattle. Golden Tate should be that guy, but week 1’s numbers suggested otherwise (4 grabs for 51-yards, 0 TDs). With Marshawn Lynch due for a big game and Russell Wilson’s interest in spreading the ball around — don’t be surprised if Tate has a shitty day.
ESPN Projection: 13
SportsGrid Projection: 8

Have you ever picked a guy up off waivers, then put in an offer for the same guy, like a hour later, forgetting you had just done that? Ya, us neither…

Steeler’s D:

If you haven’t seen A.J. Green and Andy “Timonthy” Dalton at work, please do. One thing we noticed about the duo, is that they ARE NOT THE FREAKING TENNESSEE TITANS! Please, do not read into this hype that the Steelers’ D can hold the Bengals to under 20 points, and cause a few takeaways. We’re bearish on the curtain going into week 2 against a bitter divisional rival in their home opener.
ESPN Projection: 8
SportsGrid Projection: 4