Evan Mathis Is Worried About Tim Tebow’s Virginity

  • Rick Chandler

Did you know that Tim Tebow haters killed JFK? That tidbit was included in an email sent to the Philadelphia Eagles’ Evan Mathis by some random Tebow fan, but more on that later. Right now, let’s go to Mathis’ Twitter page and check out his latest comedy gem:

You may remember last week when Mathis tweeted a photo of himself apparently urinating on an Internal Revenue Service building sign. On Sunday, coincidentally right around the time a lot of people head off to church, Mathis waxed philosophically on Tebow’s love life.

How thoughtful.

But someone out there was not amused, because he (or she) sent Mathis a note:

Bigger version here.

I think we all owe Mathis thanks for keeping the NFL offseason entertaining.

Photos: Associated Press.