Even At The Knicks Game, Adam Schefter Cannot Stop Being Adam Schefter

  • Dylan Murphy

Reporters of Adam Schefter’s type – central hubs of league-wide breaking news – are always attached to their phones. Emails, calls, texts, whatever from whomever, always second sourcing, confirming, working the angles, all that. And then, of course, tweeting.

Last night, Adam Schefter attended the Knicks-Celtics game at Madison Square Garden, and managed to score some first row digs. The game itself wasn’t very close, with the Knicks cruising to a 19-point win, but there were some exciting plays. Raymond Felton hit a half-court shot, and various players dunked the basketball.

Like Chris Copeland:

Ah, crap. Schefter missed it. Stupid Matt Flynn trade details. At least Jeff Green threw down a slam later in the game.

Aw, shucks. On the phone this time. Will Carson Palmer become an Arizona Cardinal already?