21 Interesting Facts Millennials Don’t Know About Sports

  • David Gonos


It’s absolutely true that every new generation believes the previous generation is old-fashioned in their thinking and in their ways, and every previous generation believes the new generation is doomed to incompetence.

But in the second decade of the 21st century is a different time altogether.

Millennials have more instant information at their hands than any generation ever has, by a long shot. Between the Internet, 24-hour news, smartphones and social media, Millennials are the most in-the-know generation to ever grace #UnitedStatesofAmerica.

Unfortunately, the trendy thirst for knowledge is mostly built around the “right now” or the future. In other words, everything we’re reading is meant to help us know what’s going on in the present (like social media posts – what’s happening?) or what might happen soon (prediction pieces about future tech – what’s next?).

It’s not called “Yestagram,” after all.

All the generations that came before the Millennials spent their time learning about the past, learning about history, and slowly consuming pop culture. From Gen-X and beyond, people listened to the entire album of their favorite musicians, and they had to marinate about a cliffhanger of their favorite TV show for an entire week before finding out what happened.

While 24-hour news entered the mainstream in the ‘80s, 24-hour instant opinions and reactions to those opinions didn’t happen until a day or week later.

So this post is not mocking Millennials at all. I’m fully aware that a Millennial processes and remembers things 100-times quicker than any generation did at their ages.

This article is actually meant to be a quick tutorial on some rather insignificant pieces of news or trivia that might help give them perspective on events happening now – or in the future.

Clear some memory space in the cloud!

21 Things Millennials Don’t Know About Sports

Most of the sports things discussed in this piece happened over the past 30 years, before the turn of the Millennium. But they’re all true.

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