How To Get Thrown Out Of A Stadium Very Quickly: Take A Swing At A Security Guard

  • Glenn Davis

If you’re like me, once you start watching the video below, you’ll disregard the title and think, “Oh, I see where this is going. There’s going to be a problem involving ChiefsBro and the fact that he is proudly displaying his Chiefs hat in Oakland, eagerly inciting the notoriously tough Raiders crowd.” But while Raider fans clearly didn’t approve of what he was doing, the big trouble came from elsewhere. If you want to skip the buildup (though really, the biggest confrontation comes out of almost nowhere), the real meat of the video starts at the 30-second mark:

“Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!” is right. And note that HatBro was taken away along with FightBro, though a little less eventfully. The best part of his exit? The Raiders fan snatching his hat off his head, followed by the guard snatching it back. Insult to injury, if I’ve ever seen it.

Also: props to the security guard with whom FightBro tried to rumble. Once a punch was thrown, the guard could have gone into full “COME AT ME BRO” mode and gone to town, but he and his colleagues didn’t appear to do anything beyond what was necessary to restrain him. Really, though, while of course HatBro was looking for trouble and FightBro actually turned violent, we’re glad something interesting happened during this game. Check the box score: no scoring but five field goals, and possibly the Chiefs offense’s saddest performance yet (119 net yards). If ever a game needed some idiocy to spice it up, these fans were watching it.