FANTASY FOOTBALL: A Game For The Ladies?

  • Jake O'Donnell

Though traditional gender roles tell us that females don’t nerd out over sports, the numbers in this HLN segment on women and fantasy football say otherwise: 5.4 million women play fantasy football, making up 20% of all participants.

Mind blown? Just wait…

Liz Loza (of “The Fantasy Football Girl” pod) breaks down why the lure of such a traditionally masculine hobby has enticed women all over the country to crunch the numbers and set their lineups.

“It’s a great way to connect with others, so why wouldn’t anyone, male or female, join it?” she explains, noting that, at its core, fantasy sports are a social endeavor. We couldn’t agree more, and in fact, we’d venture a guess that MOST fantasy football fans (male or female) do it for the draft party and unbridled trash talking synonymous with friendly competition.

But it’s not just fun and games and fraternizing — some women actually go as far as becoming fantasy experts. (If you need to take a second to process this, please do so now.) RotoExperts frequently feature the writing of Jen Millman, and Erin Skelly is an in-house fantasy guru on Texans’ radio 610 in Houston.

“With over 40% of the NFL viewing audience now being women,” Loza says. “It makes complete sense why so many women are getting into the fantasy action.”

“We’re just as competitive and love the game just as much as our husbands and fathers and boyfriends.”

You go girl.