Fantasy Football: Free Agent TEs To Watch… Plus Tony Gonzalez

It’s that time of year again, when Twitter is aflutter with free agency rumors and factoids, non-franchised players are steeling themselves for negotiations and Fantasy owners are in a frenzy over where they might land – for better or for worse. Teams can start negotiating with players Saturday, but free agency won’t open officially until 4 p.m. EST Tuesday. And we’re going to highlight the most intriguing prospects before the bell. First up, tight ends. All photos via Getty.


Note: Since we haven’t heard anything yet about Dallas Clark requesting a one-day contract with Indianapolis so the 33-year-old can retire a Colt, it’s fair to say he’s likely to stay in the league for at least one more year. (Of course, this could also change when free agency opens next week.) He’s up there in age, but has a penchant for denying that stereotype when given the chance – hardly Tony G-style, but could have surprise productivity if he gets out of Tampa Bay. Problem is he isn’t likely to get a starting job anywhere, so his numbers would be hampered by lack of playing time. Perhaps it’s time for Fantasy owners to bid Clark farewell; perhaps Peyton Manning pulls a fast one and somehow convinces John Elway to bring him to Denver for a year. We’ll see.