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Fantasy Football MVP and LVP for All 32 NFL Teams

Fantasy Football MVP and LVP for All 32 NFL Teams
  • SportsGrid Staff

George Kurtz of presents his fantasy football MVP and LVP awards for the 2016 season featuring players from every NFL team.

I thought we’d have a little fun with my season-ending column and take a look at the Fantasy Football MVP and LVP for each team. The MVP won’t always be the best player and the LVP won’t be the worst. We have to take into consideration where these players were drafted. Some of these players may have won you a league, some you may not want to ever draft again as they took your team down with them. Let’s take a look.

Atlanta Falcons

Fantasy MVP, Matt Ryan: Not only could he be your Fantasy MVP but he should also be the NFL MVP. This is a guy who was barely in the Top 20 at quarterback according to ADP at draft time.

Fantasy LVP, Julio Jones: Jones is one of the best wide receivers in the game but it’s hard to ignore that he missed two Fantasy playoff games and only had four receptions for 60 yards in another. Throw in that in the first 16 weeks of the season he had 66 yards receiving or less in eight games, and we didn’t get what we paid for.

Arizona Cardinals

Fantasy MVP, David Johnson: Johnson is the clubhouse leader for being the top overall pick next season.

Fantasy LVP, John Brown: Michael Floyd could’ve been placed here also. What happened to these two? It wasn’t all Carson Palmer’s fault.

Baltimore Ravens

Fantasy MVP, Steve Smith: We had our doubts about how well a 37-year old wide receiver would play coming off an Achilles tear. Smith put those doubts to bed and could play another season if he wanted to.

Fantasy LVP, Justin Forsett: Remember when he was a sneaky late round pick? Oh well.

Buffalo Bills

Fantasy MVP, LeSean McCoy: Sure, getting vultured at the goal line can be annoying but he tends to pile up quite a bit of yardage to help make up for the loss of touchdowns. He was their only true offensive threat for most of the season.

Fantasy LVP, Sammy Watkins: One of the most important abilities for a Fantasy football player is availability, and he just doesn’t have it.

Carolina Panthers 

Fantasy MVP, Ted Ginn: This tells you all you need to know about the Panthers’ season. Ginn had a nice second half surge, though.

Fantasy LVP, Cam Newton: It doesn’t seem like Cam has ever recovered from his poor performance in the Super Bowl. Kelvin Benjamin returned, but Cam’s accuracy remained missing in action.

Chicago Bears

Fantasy MVP, Jordan Howard: How did the Bears not realize that he was their best back on the roster? He’ll be a low end RB1 next season.

Fantasy LVP, Jeremy Langford: He was given a fair shot at the starting role but is just not a dynamic back.

Cincinnati Bengals

Fantasy MVP, Brandon Lafell: With most of the team’s offensive weapons on injured reserve it’s not easy to find an MVP but Lafell has been as steady a performer as the Bengals have had.

Fantasy LVP, Tyler Eifert: Quite a few owners stashed Eifert in the draft but outside of a game here and there, that was a wasted pick.

Cleveland Browns

Fantasy MVP, Terrelle Pryor: Just imagine the numbers he would’ve put up with even an average NFL quarterback. Imagine the numbers he will put up once he gains the experience needed to be a top NFL wide receiver.

Fantasy LVP, Corey Coleman: Much was expected of Coleman. The numbers that Pryor put up were expected to be his. Maybe next season.

Dallas Cowboys

Fantasy MVP, Dak Prescott: I won’t argue if you want to put Ezekiel Elliott here but we knew he’d be very good. Prescott was an unknown until Tony Romo and Kellen Moore both went down.

Fantasy LVP, Dez Bryant: It’s not his fault, the loss of Romo transitioned Dallas to a run-first, ball control team.

Denver Broncos

Fantasy MVP, Emmanuel Sanders: He slipped in the draft due to the questions at quarterback but 1000-plus yards receiving is good enough for me.

Fantasy LVP, C.J. Anderson: Even before the injury there was talk that Devontae Booker might replace him. In truth, neither got the job done. It might say more about the offensive line than the player.

Detroit Lions

Fantasy MVP, Matthew Stafford: Take a look at his numbers and then look at the roster. There is no running game and there are no playmakers in the receiving corps. He shouldn’t win NFL MVP but is in the Top 10.

Fantasy LVP, Marvin Jones: Started out hot but cooled off drastically as the season went along. If the Lions had any running back that was worth considering, he would be here instead of Jones.

Green Bay Packers

Fantasy MVP, Aaron Rodgers: Who did you think I was going to put here? No NFC team is looking forward to facing him in the playoffs.

Fantasy LVP, Randall Cobb: We gave him a pass last season (see what I did there?) because Jordy Nelson was out and he saw more defensive coverage. What’s the excuse this season? He seems to be aging quickly.

Houston Texans

Fantasy MVP, Lamar Miller: He slowed down as the season went along but that’s not all his fault. Awful play at quarterback allowed defenses to stack the line to stop him.

Fantasy LVP, DeAndre Hopkins: Once again, not all his fault, but he was the consensus fourth overall wide receiver drafted and ended up being a huge bust.

Indianapolis Colts

Fantasy MVP, T.Y. Hilton: Does anyone realize that Hilton ended up with over 1400 yards this season? Sure, he only had six touchdowns but those can fluctuate from year to year. He’s a solid WR1 next season.

Fantasy LVP, Donte Moncrief: All he does is catch touchdowns when he plays. Unfortunately, injuries marred his season.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Fantasy MVP, Marquise Lee: Over the last six games or so, he was what we thought Allen Robinson would be. Will battle for targets with Robinson and Allen Hurns next season, which could give the Jags a lethal trio if Blake Bortles can develop some consistency.

Fantasy LVP, Allen Hurns: The 2015 season seems a long time ago. He wasn’t any good even before the injury.

Kansas City Chiefs

Fantasy MVP, Travis Kelce: It’s certainly not a shock that he was the number one receiver for Alex Smith but no one could see six 100-yard games coming.

Fantasy LVP, Jamaal Charles: He was a huge gamble coming into the season and if you rolled those dice, well, they came up snake eyes.

Los Angeles Rams

Fantasy MVP, Kenny Britt: He’s bounced around quite a bit in his NFL career and has always been a disappointment. Who would’ve thought he would figure it out with Case Keenum and Jared Goff at QB?

Fantasy LVP, Todd Gurley: Granted, there weren’t many holes for him to run through but that’s still not an excuse. When it comes to overall Fantasy LVP, it’s either Hopkins or Gurley.

Miami Dolphins

Fantasy MVP, Jay Ajayi: You have to wonder if the Dolphins ever would’ve realized what they had if Arian Foster hadn’t suffered another injury and decided to retire.

Fantasy LVP, DeVante Parker: Has all the talent to be a top wide receiver in the NFL but nagging injuries and inconsistent play have combined to keep him down.

Minnesota Vikings

Fantasy MVP, Kyle Rudolph: We knew that Sam Bradford likes to throw to the tight end (see Zach Ertz last season) but no one knew he liked it this much. The lack of playmakers on the outside also contributed here, along with Bradford’s love for the short pass.

Fantasy LVP, Adrian Peterson: Yeah, he was pretty terrible before the injuries hit. Should be interesting to see where he ends up next season and at what price.

New England Patriots

Fantasy MVP, LeGarrette Blount: A general rule of thumb is that it’s so hard to rely on any New England running back, as the Pats will use whichever back they think will give them the best chance to win each week. They won’t force feed anyone. Well, they made sure to feed Blount at the goal line, and he ate well.

Fantasy LVP, Rob Gronkowski: I love Gronk. He’s probably my favorite player to watch, but he just can’t stay healthy, and with the depth at TE, he’s not worth the risk of an early round pick.

New Orleans Saints

Fantasy MVP, Michael Thomas: I expect him to be the number one wide receiver for Drew Brees and the Saints as soon as next season. This is not a knock on Brandin Cooks, just a statement of how good Thomas is and will be.

Fantasy LVP, Coby Fleener: He had his moments but wasn’t the Top 10 tight end that most were expecting coming into the season.

New York Giants

Fantasy MVP, Odell Beckham: The Giants’ offense has been putrid over the second half of the season. Without Beckham, they wouldn’t be able to get a first down, never mind score points.

Fantasy LVP, Eli Manning: He has what may be the best wide receiver corps in his tenure for the NYG but couldn’t take advantage of it. Age may be playing a part in his decline here, along with a subpar offensive line.

New York Jets

Fantasy MVP, Bilal Powell: This team was a dumpster fire this season but Powell proved that he could be a starting RB if given the chance, and at the very least he deserves to be in a timeshare with another running back.

Fantasy LVP, Brandon Marshall: He seemed to have more locker room altercations than receptions as the season went along. The Jets may decide to blow it up during the offseason.

Oakland Raiders

Fantasy MVP, Michael Crabtree: Came into the season as the Robin to Cooper’s Batman but seemed to be a favorite of Derek Carr, especially in the red zone.

Fantasy LVP, Amari Cooper: For the second consecutive season, he trailed off down the stretch and may have cost a few owners a shot at the championship. He still has loads of talent but may actually be a high end WR2, not a WR1. 

Philadelphia Eagles

Fantasy MVP, Darren Sproles: I had to look long and hard for this one. There really is no one here. They don’t have playmakers but Sproles was a solid flex play in PPR leagues down the stretch.

Fantasy LVP, Ryan Mathews: He had the starting job, lost it, then he was the goal line back; then the starter again, then got hurt. Ugh, no thank you. If I wanted to ride a roller coaster I’d go to an amusement park. 

Pittsburgh Steelers

Fantasy MVP, LeVeon Bell: He slipped into the second and even the third round of some drafts due to the suspension. Yeah, quite a few owners got a big time gift.

Fantasy LVP, Ben Roethlisberger: His overall numbers are solid. This has more to do with knowing that he can’t play a full season anymore. Also, why is he such a different player on the road than he is at home? 

San Diego Chargers

Fantasy MVP, Melvin Gordon: He could be in the running for Fantasy MVP in your league but the hip injury that cost him most of the Fantasy playoffs kills. Still, after a disaster rookie season, if you owned him this year, he’s a big reason why you did so well.

Fantasy LVP, Travis Benjamin: When Keenan Allen went down for the season it was thought that Benjamin would step up into the number one wide receiver role. His knee injury may have played a part in his disappointing performance but he wasn’t putting up big numbers before the injury either.

San Francisco 49ers

Fantasy MVP, Carlos Hyde: For a team with very few, if any, playmakers, Hyde had a solid season. If he can stay healthy and the 49ers can build a roster around him, he has RB1 potential.

Fantasy LVP, Torrey Smith: I think the 49ers and Fantasy owners are still waiting for the first big play of the season from Smith.

Seattle Seahawks

Fantasy MVP, Doug Baldwin: He could easily be in the WR1 conversation next season. He really might be the best wide receiver that we don’t talk about enough.

Fantasy LVP, Tyler Lockett: The broken leg he suffered couldn’t have come at a worse time, as he finally was starting to click with Russell Wilson.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Fantasy MVP, Cameron Brate: Sure, I could’ve picked Mike Evans, but we all knew he was going to put up big numbers. Who saw Brate becoming a Top 10 tight end?

Fantasy LVP, Doug Martin: Take your pick. His play was subpar, then he got hurt, then he was suspended. Just brutal. 

Tennessee Titans

Fantasy MVP, Rishard Matthews: He quickly became the number one wide receiver for Marcus Mariota.

Fantasy LVP, Derrick Henry: This was not his fault but no one saw DeMarco Murray returning to 2014 form, and thus getting the lion’s share of the carries.

Washington Redskins:

Fantasy MVP, Jamison Crowder: Slowed down as the season got deep but was still a breakout star and should be a WR2 heading into next season.

Fantasy LVP, Matt Jones: Rob Kelley is really nothing all that special but Jones’ tendency to put the ball on the ground cost him his starting job.

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