Fear Not, Victoria’s Secret Is Coming To Cowboys Stadium Soon

  • Dylan Murphy

With the actual on-field football product lacking in success, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has decided to boost stadium revenue and draw the public eye through different means – sexy, sexy means, that is. Like, Victoria’s Secret sexy. Literally.

Via the AP:

“Victoria’s Secret on Monday will open a store at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington featuring lingerie and other clothing promoting the NFL’s most valuable team. Dallas Cowboys executives will be on hand for the unveiling of the co-branded women’s items including tees, sweats, hoodies, tank tops, underwear and sports bras.”

We’ll just go ahead and assume that Dez Bryant will not be allowed to enter the store without a chaperone.

That’s the second franchise we’ve heard of today that’s sexing up their operation. This is a good thing, we think.

[AP, via Shutdown Corner]