Final NFL Power Rankings: The Cardinals Got Screwed

  • Matt Rudnitsky

There is no Monday Night Football tonight. NFL Week 17 is over. Get over yourselves, fans of non-playoff teams. You must root for a hockey or basketball or soccer team. There is no more fantasy football (except for those playoff games.) I suggest coping by gambling on the playoffs, a totally legal safe fun way of spending your time.

Here are our final 2013 NFL season Power Rankings. Except that as we’ve told you all year, these aren’t really our Power Rankings. I am merely approximating the power ratings used by oddsmakers, to show how each team is regarded by “Vegas,” as folks like to say. (Even though the most influential oddsmakers are based offshore, but, hey, semantics.) One game typically has a very small effect on the numbers. Hence, the general disinterest in a teams’ records.

Some takeaways: It seems like, for the most part, the right teams made the playoffs. Except that the Arizona Cardinals got screwed. And the New York Jets are probably the worst team in NFL history to “earn” the No. 18 pick. No. 26 is probably overrating them.

See you next year. Stay tuned for an in-depth playoff preview!