Fingerprints On A .40-Caliber Hand Gun Will Help Determine Just How Dumb Elvis Dumervil Is

  • Dan Fogarty

On Saturday, Denver Broncos defensive end Elvis Dumervil was arrested by Miami Beach police for allegedly getting out of his car during a traffic dispute and showing off his gun. Our full breakdown of the police report is here, and TMZ last night offered up this arrest photo in typically understated TMZ fashion.

From the outside, none of this looks good for Elvis. We noted this yesterday, but it bears repeating: you have to be monumentally stupid to get out of a car in standstill traffic and show off your weapon. There are, after all, no escape routes, and you’d figure a lineman who signed a $61.5 million contract extension in 2009 would be able to pay someone to carry his guns for him.

Soon, we’ll find out if Elvis Dumervil is, in fact, monumentally stupid.

The Miami Beach police department is currently processing the fingerprints on the .40-caliber hand gun that was found in the glove compartment of Dumervil’s Mercedes. Those fingerprints, according to the Denver Post, will likely be a “key component” in the investigation. According to sources close to Dumervil, he was “not carrying a gun and neither the Land Rover or the confiscated gun belonged to him” (although since those sources are close to Dumervil, we’re guessing they’re a bit biased).

In a text message Dumervil sent to the Post, he said “The truth will come out.” Until it does, he may want to avoid driving past this place.