Important: Now That Andy Reid’s Been Fired, The Guy With The “Fire Andy” Tattoo On His Butt Has Some Decisions To Make

  • Dan Fogarty

Crossing Broad originally had this photo of a (clearly dedicated and possibly unhinged) Eagles fan who got “Fire Andy” tattooed on his butt. It seems as if the fan, one Dylan Bott, said he’d get the tattoo if one of his tweets got 500 retweets (that’s tweetspeak for having your tweets shared on Twitter by a bunch of tweeters. Fart.)

Bott went ahead and did it, because he’s a crazy sonofagun. But now that Andy Reid’s actually been fired, CB asks an important question: What does this man do with the permanent words now inked on his person? Where do we go from here, Dylan Bott?

Our recommendation: Add a “d” at the end of “Fire,” so the tattoo would read “Fired Andy.” Then, when Reid lands a new coaching gig — with the Cardinals or Chiefs, mayhaps — he can change his tattoo to “Hired Andy.” Basically, Mr. Dylan Bott, your butt can now become a ticker dedicated solely to Andy Reid’s employment status. Life: Made.

[Crossing Broad, censored butt photo via Larry Brown Sports]