The Jets Are So Bad That Even Fireman Ed Left The Game Early And Deleted His Twitter Account

  • Dylan Murphy

The New England Patriots’ drubbing of the New York Jets 49-19 last night had more than a few fans dismayed. The game was over in the second quarter when the Pats scored three touchdowns in all of 52 seconds, so many left early. Including famed diehard Jets fan Fireman Ed (real name Ed Anzalone), it turns out, who, according to those sitting in his section, left at halftime. But then he went the extra mile and deleted his Twitter account, @FiremanEd42.

Former Jets defensive tackle Kris Jenkins was devastated by the news:

Deleting one’s Twitter account seems like a rather drastic move, though the sheer force of degradation of which Twitter is capable can push a man to his limits. Still, it doesn’t get much worse than your biggest and most famous fan throwing in the towel.

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