Two Fans Show Their Appreciation For The Unsung Hero Of Football, The First Down Marker

  • Glenn Davis

Usually, if fans go to an NFL game, they’ll dress up in some kind of apparel related to the game they’re attending. Generally, this will take the form of team paraphernalia – if not a jersey, then a t-shirt, a hat, something. Sometimes, though, fans fire themselves up a little…differently. And so we had two such creative fans show up to today’s Ravens-Texans divisional playoff game looking like this:

Our CJ Fogler (who took the above screencap) thinks it’s a father-son duo. It could be (and we’d love to see an entire family dress up in these things; it would be about the strangest family dress-up outing imaginable). They’re probably Ravens fans – the game’s in Baltimore, after all – but are they even bigger fans of the rules of football, and that’s why they chose to dress as first down markers (not, notably, exclamation points, as the Greg Gumbel-Dan Dierdorf announcing team surmised they were)?

And of course, the ultimate way to complete this costume would be for the two to attach themselves with a 10-yard-long chain – but we doubt they’d have been let into the stadium if they’d done it. Plus, if they really are a father-son duo, a literal chain connecting them would serve as an unsettling metaphor for their relationship.