Floyd Mayweather Didn’t Bet $10 Million On The Broncos… But It Does Seem Like He Bet On Them

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Floyd Mayweather Broncos BetThere was a rumor circulating before the Super Bowl that Floyd Mayweather bet more than $10 million on the Denver Broncos. For whatever reason, people believed this rumor, which came from a complete bullshit source. Also, read THIS if you’d like to understand the logistical reasons that it was almost certainly bullshit.

There are two things that we do know about Floyd Mayweather, though, when it comes to his sports betting habits:

1) He never misses an opportunity to post a winning ticket.
2) He only posts winning tickets.
3) He really likes to bet on sports.

It’s very likely that Mayweather is bad at sports betting, because most people are bad at sports betting. But given that the best bettors in the world would be THRILLED to win at the ridiculous number of 60%, it’s safe to assume that Floyd, good or bad, has lost many sports bets before and just chooses not to post them.

And since he loves betting, he probably bet on the Super Bowl. Even people who hate to bet like to bet on the Super Bowl.

The only story I believe less than “Floyd Mayweather Bets $10 Million On Broncos” is… “Floyd Mayweather Chooses Not To Bet On Super Bowl At All, Snacks On Chips And French Onion Dip Instead.”

Seriously: If Floyd Mayweather says he didn’t bet on the Super Bowl… he probably just had a losing ticket that he didn’t want to post, per usual. He probably bet on the Broncos. Just not for $10 million.