For The Second Day In A Row, Marshawn Lynch Couldn’t Stand To Talk To The Media For Seven Minutes

  • Eric Goldschein

marshawn lynch

Marshawn Lynch showed up for the Seattle Seahawks media availability session at the team’s hotel today, less than 24 hours after setting the Prudential Center and Twitter alight by not being able to stand speaking to reporters for more than 6 minutes and 21 seconds. He didn’t do much better today, lasting an unofficial time of 6 minutes and 47 seconds before leaving.

Lynch was described as “uncomfortable” throughout the extended session and apparently climbed over some chairs to get away from reporters when he finished getting grilled by teammate Michael Robinson:

Meanwhile, the Pro Football Writers of America released a statement today saying that they were “disappointed” in Marshawn’s lack of availability and that the NFL condoning his actions yesterday were an “affront.” Ugh. As if you’ll get anything substantial out of him if he sits in front of you for six minutes, six hours or six years.

The backlash against Lynch seems to be stronger today than it was yesterday, when his actions seemed cheeky rather than “an affront” to journalism:

(Regarding the last one: Does that sound fun to anybody?)

Lynch has another expected appearance tomorrow. Should be fun!

Photo via @CorkGaines