Former Bronco Ed McCaffrey Showcases His Motivational Speaking/Linking-An-Injury-To-9/11 Skills

  • Joe Levine

This is not some crazy conspiracy theory saying Ed McCaffrey somehow had something to do with 9/11 (though we’re not ruling it out). No, this is just one of many insane beats in a video the former Broncos receiver has produced to showcase his motivational speaking skills.

To be fair, 9/11 just gets brief mention in this five-and-a-half minute video that has presumably earned McCaffrey a few paid speaking engagements, at least in the greater Denver area and most likely in and around one of John Elway’s dealership. It’s a living.

But what does McCaffrey really hope to accomplish here? To help others follow their dreams? Or more likely, to open our Illuminati-shielded eyes to the truth!

You have to admit, it’s a pretty big coincidence that McCaffrey, a Denver Bronco, hurt his knee on September 10th and New York jets were so heavily involved in the September 11th attack, then a decade a later, another Denver Bronco named Tim Tebow became a New York Jet. Oh, and that Tim Tebow’s initials are “T.T.”, as in “Twin Towers,” as in “World Trade Center.” Also, T.T. looks like a crying face emoticon, the same kind of crying we all did both after McCaffrey got hurt and 9/11.

Well, the tears end now. Let Ed McCaffrey dab them away with the truth. If you want to get right to the 9/11 portion, click ahead to the 3:45 mark.