Former Broncos’, Ravens’ All-Pro Trevor Pryce Is Developing A Cartoon Starring A Sort Of Bad-Ass Kermit The Frog

  • Rick Chandler

If you know me, then you know that I like my fiction to include plenty of poisonous frogs. So you can imagine my excitement at the news that ex-All-Pro defensive end Trevor Pryce has a new book coming out entitled An Army of Frogs: A Kulipari Novel.

Pryce played 14 seasons in the NFL, has two Super Bowl rings (Broncos in 1998, ’99) and is a four-time Pro Bowler. But after retiring as a New York Jet in 2010, he was able to focus on other pursuits: he owns an indie record label (Outlook Music), loves the soccer (his younger sister Nandi Pryce once played for the U.S. National soccer team, and is now an assistant coach at UCLA), and then there’s his writing.

Pryce told CBS4 that the book, meant for kids 10- to 18-years-old, is in development for TV. One of the questions to Pryce from CBS-Denver host Vic Lombardi:
“Are you worried that NFL players may not be able to finish it?”


“Cartoon Network has it in development now as a cartoon. That is all I can say. Or all I’m allowed to say right now,” said Pryce.

Here’s the synopsis, from

Darrel, a young frog, dreams of joining the Kulipari, an elite squad of poisonous frog warriors sworn to defend the Amphibilands. Unfortunately, Darrel’s dream is impossible, because he isn’t a poisonous frog and no one’s seen the Kulipari since the last scorpion war, long ago. Anyway, now the frogs’ homeland is protected by the turtle king’s magic. So it no longer needs defending – or does it?

Enter the spider queen, a powerful dreamcaster capable of destroying the turtle king’s protective spell. She and her ally Lord Marmoo, leader of a vicious army of scorpions, are bent on conquering the frogs’ lush homeland. The frogs have never been more vulnerable. Can Daryl save the day and become the warrior of his dreams?

Bold move by the publicist spelling Darrel two different ways.

Behold, the Amphibilands:

The Scorpion Lord’s fortress? Obviously NFL headquarters, where Roger Goodell’s office is located. There are probably loads of other subliminal references to the NFL here that we’ll never know.

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