Former Lions, Bucs Receiver Maurice Stovall Was Arrested After Being Pulled Over In A Pink Land Rover

  • Rick Chandler

All of you Lions and Jaguars fans, and especially you Tampa Bay Buccaneers faithful, and especially Notre Dame fanatics, have certainly heard of Maurice Stovall. He played five seasons at wide receiver with the Buccaneers, then one with the Lions and Jags before being waived into free agency limbo in 2012.

But apparently he made enough to be able to afford a sweet ride — if you call a pink Land Rover a sweet ride. Too bad he forgot to pay the traffic fines, though. Tampa Bay Times:

Stovall, who lives in Land O’Lakes (FL), was driving a pink Land Rover on U.S. Highway 41 shortly after midnight, according to the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office. When a deputy ran his plates, it showed that Stovall had not paid several traffic fines. He was charged with knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license and booked into the Land O’Lakes jail.

Let’s face it: when you drive a pink Land Rover, you’re going to get noticed. And when you park a pink Land Rover in a No Parking zone, you’re going to get a ticket. Cops love writing Make: Land Rover. Color: Pink in their ticket books.

Stovall was released later that night, but not before taking this fantastic mug shot:

H/T SportsbyBrooks.