Former NFL Player Myron Rolle: From Taking Bodies To Saving Lives

Former NFL Player Myron Rolle: From Taking Bodies To Saving Lives
  • Cam Littlejohn

Myron Rolle, a man of wisdom, knowledge, and strength (both literally and figuratively). Rolle is a former All American safety (2006) for the Florida State Seminoles. Rolle played three years at FSU and was eventually drafted by the Tennessee Titans in 2010. But football wasn’t Rolle’s only passion as a kid.

In college Rolle received the prestigious award, Rhode Scholar. Rolle is the fourth Florida State student ever to be named with this award, and the first prominent college football player to be given this scholarship in over 25 years. This scholarship allowed Rolle to study at the University of Oxford in England.

Rolle completed two years at the University and was eventually drafted in the sixth round. He most likely could have went in an earlier round but many coaches were concerned about his willingness to play football. Two years later, in 2012, Rolle was picked up as a reserve by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Shortly after this Rolle decided to give up the game he loved in order to pursue something he loved just a little bit more: medicine and health. He did not play in a single game in the NFL, but it was his experience with the game that made him so successful today.

Rolle did not stop here. Earlier this year he accepted a neurosurgery residency at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical school. And this past Saturday his dreams finally came true, in becoming a doctor, in which he earned his doctorate at Florida State University.

But Rolle still wants to be a part of the football world. He plans to treat patients and follow up on some of the concerns seen with safety in the sport of football. Rolle wants to talk to younger players about the safety of the sport as well as some of his experiences.

Rolle is doing something that has never been done before. He is not only giving back to the game of football, but he is showing kids, especially to those in the African American community, that anything is possible. And no, it is not one of those unrealistic “anything is possible”, but one that can be the norm for all young black kids if they have the same mindset and dedication as Rolle. It’s realistic because he isn’t just being successful through sports, but showing that there is another way to do it. Whether that’s medicine, science, politics, or whatever, it gives kids hope. And what really else is there you can ask for?