Four Things That We Learned From This Story About Aaron Hernandez’s ‘Terrifying Past’

  • Zach Berger

Aaron Hernandez Murder

The Daily Beast ran a story today about Aaron Hernandez’s terrifying past, much of which sheds light on what shaped his anger and trust issues. Here are four things we didn’t already know about Hernandez that we learned from this story:

1. Hernandez’s father, Dennis, passed away when Aaron was just 16 years old.

The unexpected death occurred when Dennis developed an infection after a routine hernia surgery at the age of 49. “It was very, very hard, and he was very, very angry,” Aaron’s mother, Terri, told USA Today. “He wasn’t the same kid, the way he spoke to me. The shock of losing his dad, there was so much anger.”

2. His mother remarried three years later to Jeffrey Cummings, an ex-convict.

Cummings had previously faced drug charges and was involved in a domestic violence dispute where “he stepped on a 4-year-old and threw a 10-year-old child against a wall while physically assaulting an ex-girlfriend and another woman.”

While married to Terri Hernandez, Cummings added an assault on a police officer to that list. He was sentenced to probation and managed to stay free despite failing 13 drug tests (for marijuana and cocaine) and not completing a court-ordered anger management program.

3. His mother was stabbed by Cummings in 2010.

Cummings went crazy and began violently slashing objects in their living room with a large kitchen knife, stating that he didn’t care if he went back to prison. Terri ended up with a 3.5-inch laceration on her right cheek in addition to wounds on her left wrist and right shoulder. Cummings was convicted of assault and sentenced to two years in prison.

4. On a lighter note, Hernandez scored a touchdown on his very first play in high school.

It was the first play of the season for the Bristol Central High School football team. Hernandez evaded a defender and found himself wide open downfield for six. The quarterback on the play? His brother, D.J.

The story explained that Terri believed Aaron was finally getting over the anger he felt from his father’s untimely death when she married Cummings. “He’s my Aaron again,” Terri Hernandez told USA Today. “Just now everything’s getting better, and it took him three years. I thought I lost him for good. He wasn’t the same kid. Now he’s back, the same fun-loving Aaron.”

It can be assumed that much of that anger came back and fun-loving Aaron went away again when his mother was stabbed by her second husband.

Reports have said that the primary motive the police are looking at in the Odin Lloyd murder case involved Hernandez’s trust issues with Lloyd after he was spotting talking to some people Aaron had beef with in a club. After learning a bit more about his past, it comes as no surprise that Hernandez would have trust issues.