Fox Analyst Daryl Johnston Is The Ugly Christmas Sweater Hipster Grinch

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Fox analyst Daryl Johnston is taking the Ugly Christmas Sweater trend to a new level. It appears he is intentionally wearing the Grinch’s exact attire, right down to the belt. Yet he IRONICALLY has “Merry Christmas” prominently displayed. And it’s a V-Neck.

V-Neck + Irony = Typical Hipster. Typical hipster may sound un-hipster, but that too is ironic, making Daryl Johnston Über Hipster. Also, being on TV broadcasting your hipsterness to all of your hipster-disciples is even more ironic, and the resulting Überhipsterdom is immeasurable.

A big h/t to our friend CJ Fogler for the screencap.