Fox News Tried To Get Russell Wilson To Trash Michelle Obama During Segment On Childhood Obesity

  • Jake O'Donnell

Childhood obesity. It’s a politically neutral cause the FLOTUS has taken up in order to make an impact on the world without affecting her husband’s standing with, I dunno, voters and lobbyists and his colleagues. Russell Wilson shares Michelle Obama’s passion for that very cause, which is why he was brought on Fox’s Fox News Live to discuss what he’s doing to combat an overwhelmingly sedentary, overweight, young population.

Ya know, like the United Way’s “Play 60” commercials? Watch Cavuto spin the issue into a jab at the First Lady.

“Michelle Obama is trying. Many argue that she’s getting to be too much of a food police mommy,” the Fox News host predictably said.

Russ ain’t having it.

[H/T Mediaite]