Frank Caliendo Does Us All A Huge Favor And Mocks NFL Draft Guru/Disagreement Enthusiast Mel Kiper Jr.

  • Jake O'Donnell

Ever watch Mel Kiper Jr. and wonder how he gets through a normal day without an intense on-air confrontation? Ever want to touch his hair, just to see what it’s like? Ahem, me neither.

Mel Kiper Jr. is, to put it modestly, passionate about young football players. But those strong feelings, although well-intentioned, can rub people the wrong way from time to time. Like Todd McShay over Matthew Stafford in 2009. Or one time Indianapolis Colts GM/Vice President Bill Tobin, who blasted the analyst for criticizing his decision to draft Nebraska linebacker Trev Alberts with the fifth pick in the draft over Fresno State’s Trent Dilfer.

“Who the hell is Mel Kiper?” Tobin famously told reporters.

Unsurprisingly, Kiper is cool with all this because, well, it’s his job to be a character. Consider him a better informed Skip Bayless. Watch Tobin lay into Kiper in the early 90’s on this classic Sportscenter broadcast that surely will have you nostalgic for Keith Olberman mustache and Dan Patrick’s danpatrickiness.

H/T Terez Owens

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