Frank Gore Scores Go Ahead Touchdown, Almost Does Dirty Bird

  • Joe Levine

San Francisco started today’s game by falling down 17-0 to the Atlanta Falcons. With Frank Gore’s touchdown in the fourth quarter, they’ve come all the way back to take a 28-24 lead. Sadly, Gore’s touchdown was the least of Atlanta’s worries.

The 49ers’ actual comeback wasn’t just on the scoreboard. Gore also gave the Falcons’ classic “Dirty Bird” celebration its own mocking comeback after making the go-ahead score. Take a look via Diehard Sport:

Dirty Bird

Jamal Anderson would be proud. Maybe. If Atlanta ends up pulling out the victory, anyway.

In case you need reminding what the Dirty Bird is all about:

Aw, shawty, don’t play ’em like dat.