Frank Gore On Party That Got NCAA Players In Hot Water: “It Was Crazy”

  • David Helene

College Football is immersed in controversy right now.

And of the many possible violations of regulations that the NCAA is currently investigating, standout among them is whether multiple college athletes, including star DT Marcell Dareus, made repeated trips to South Florida on the financial support of either agents or financial advisers.

So far, what the NCAA has learned is this: Frank Gore knows how to throw one wild party.

Gore’s May 15th pool party is currently a site of interest for the NCAA, as it is believed that many of the alleged players were in attendance; a photo of North Carolina DT Marvin Austin and North Carolina receiver Greg Little was posted on twitter on May 15th that showed these players at a pool party.

When Gore was contacted, however, in order to confirm their attendance, Sports Business Journal reports that he had this to say:

“I don’t even know those guys. There were a lot of people there; it was crazy,” Gore said. He added that no agent or financial adviser, or other person involved in the athlete representation business paid for his party.

“I paid for my own party,” Gore said.

Open house at Frank Gore’s crib!  Drinks on him!

When Sports Business Journal texted the photo to Gore to discern whether his pool was the pool in question, Gore offered no response (which is conspicuous, to say the least).

But, regardless, if we are to take Gore at his word, then we did learn something.  If you’re ever in South Florida and want to throw down, find Frank Gore’s house.

Because if it’s anything like May 15th, it’ll be popping off.