Fred Durst Still Wants The Jaguars To Sign Tim Tebow

  • Eric Goldschein

fred durst

Fred Durst of Limp Bizkit did an AMA on reddit last night. Many people asked him music- and rockstar-life-related questions that he answered with a surprising amount of thoughtfulness — surprising in that Durst is famous for wearing a baseball hat backwards and being, in his own words, “a redneck fucker from Jacksonville,” but did not come across as such.

Speaking of being from Jacksonville, Durst was asked by a reddit user if he was a Jaguars fan, and if he would like to come to a Jags tailgate when the season kicks off. Here’s his response:

fred durst tebow reddit

We’ll give Durst a pass for not knowing that Tebow is a New England Patriot nowadays (even though they are supposedly friends), because not everyone is as obsessed with Tebow sports as we are. But we have to wonder what he meant by “The moral could help, a lot.” Does he mean “morale?” Does he really think that a dose of morality will help the Jaguars not suck? Then again, he also admitted to only doing some of the things for the nookie, so what does he know?

We don’t agree with Durst’s suggestion (unless he wants Tebow to switch to tight end), but we now have another reason to talk about Tim Tebow, and for that, we thank him.