Fred Jackson’s Own Wife Didn’t Pick Him Until The Fifth Round In Fantasy Football

  • Dan Fogarty

Heading into this season, Bills running back Fred Jackson was underrated. He was underrated by experts, who rarely included him when they talked about the NFL’s best running backs. He was underrated by his own team, who will pay him the 24th-highest salary on its roster in 2011. And, it appears he was underrated by his wife, Danielle, who repeatedly passed on him during her fantasy football draft.

In a league with family and friends, Danielle told everyone Fred was off limits, then proceeded to draft Michael Vick in the first round. She even took a running back (Michael Turner) before calling Fred’s name.

“[I told her] I’m not going to continue to sit here if you’re skipping over me in these rounds. If you don’t take me, I’m going to call your brother and tell him to pick me up,” Jackson said.

Danielle eventually took Fred in the fifth round, which is pretty much in line with what everyone else did. It’s worked out, because Jackson is currently the third highest-scoring running back in fantasy, and her team is in first place. Things have also worked out for her husband: he’s apparently been assured by the Bills that he’ll have his contract restructured soon.