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Fred Smoot Pissed His Pants In A Puddle On The Floor Of A Police Station After Getting Arrested For DUI

  • Dylan Murphy

Former NFL cornerback Fred Smoot last played in the NFL in 2009, capping off a nine-year career with the Washington Redskins and Minnesota Vikings. Last we heard from him, he was taking online courses to finish up his degree in communications. Which is to say that he wasn’t driving drunk at 3:30 a.m. in D.C.

Back on December 30th, officers pulled over an Audi A7 with no tags, and Smoot, who was the driver, was unable to produce registration tags. He then claimed that his temporary tags were wet because snow had gotten on them. Officers also happened to notice that his eyes were red and blurry, and performed a field sobriety test. Smoot was not sober, and wobbled and did other drunk things before officers arrested him.

At the police station, Smoot refused a breathalyzer test twice while he was being booked, and was eventually released. Charges have been filed against Smoot for driving under the influence, and on January 17th Smoot pleaded not guilty.

But buried within the story is this wonderful nugget, via the Washingtonian:

“During processing, in the service area, while handcuffed, the [defendant] peed his pants creating a puddle on the floor,’ Carll said in the affidavit. “[A police officer] witnessed the urine running down his pant leg and onto the floor. [Smoot] did not express that he had to use the restroom.”

So impolite! The police station is not a swimming pool.